I'm over Capture one, need Type8Camera.app file back

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I'm over Capture one, need Type8Camera.app file back

Postby ckilkus@yahoo.com » Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:36 am

Capture One 4 is terrible. I have decided to give up on Capture One software and Phase One digital backs because of it, and am experimenting shooting tethered either into Lightroom or into Aperture 2.

However, I trashed the Type8Camera.app from my Apple computers last year so that I could continue shooting into C1Pro 3.7 Now I need that file back to try out Aperture. Anyone have this file on their computer they could send me? ckilkus@mail.com

And as a note to Phase One, I have been using Capture One for years, since it first came out, both with your digital backs and Canon cameras. Version 3.7 certainly was never perfect, but it was intuitive, easy to use and had a very comfortable user interface for both me and my clients. But Capture One 4 is simply a terrible piece of software. I have been trying it for a couple months now.... yes, it has a few nice features, but it is a pain to use. And every client I have tried to introduce to it, even the more tech geek ones, have asked me to go back to 3.7. Unfortunately, it seems that is no longer an option as you have decided to no longer support 3.7. I can understand you wanting to stick to supporting one piece of software for both macs and pcs, but the smart way to do it would have been to combine what was great about 3.7 (namely user interface and workflow) and mix that with some of the nice features of 4. Maybe it's just me, but it seems you have made a big mistake, and a sure way to lose market share. Because you have forced this crappy software on me, I will no longer be using it OR your digital backs and I know there are other professional photographers out there that feel this way too.
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