Previews in 3.7.8 not fitting window

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Postby Martin312 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:36 pm

As the original poster - thank you, at last!

However whilst I am broadly happy with 3.7.8 with my existing cameras I am looking at alternatives something I wasn't interested in doing a year ago. From what I have seen of C1 v4 there will need to be some significant changes for the Pro version if it is going to work for me.

Unfortunately no single RAW converter I have tried meets my needs as well as 3.7.8 but some I consider to better than the existing v4.1.

Mind you I would love the lens correction capability that Canon DPP offers and would switch to it tomorrow if it supported IPTC data input in a usable way especially with a hierarchical controlled keyword vocabulary that fully supported synonyms etc..
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Re: Previews in 3.7.8 not fitting window

Postby Ken101 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:30 am

Frankly i dont like much Capture 4 version compare to 3.x Series lot more to work with in 4.0 compare to 3.x version , I am using D300 & D3 its 1.8 ratio aspect as mentioned like above mentioned post , its so furstrating , if i have to use version 4.0 i better pick Adobe Light room to waste less time then Capture 4.0 ,

I wish Phase one bring some patch or update to version 3.x.
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