No migration, no backward compatibility allowed w/ Ver3

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No migration, no backward compatibility allowed w/ Ver3

Postby Ronny 1 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:41 pm

I'm at my breaking point with Phase One. As a relatively early adopter and heavy user of Capture One software, I continue to be frustrated and angered with how Phase One abandoned Ver 3 and it's users, allowing no migration into future versions (4,5,6). I have many, many Capture One 3 sessions with SEVERAL HUNDRED man-hours invested in editing, including rating, color balancing, levels and exposure adjustments,etc made to upwards of 30,000 images, and now they are stranded there. I had resigned myself to accepting the fact that I must forever keep Version 3 on my computer in order to work with these images. Not ideal, but I could deal with it. Recently, however, I had a problem with a couple of bugs/glitches in C1Pro 3, and when I contacted support, they informed me that "Capture One 3 is not compatible with Mac OS 10.6". WHAT??? Now I cannot continue to use Ver 3 unless I also keep an old Mac OS on my machine??? Do you understand how frustrating this is and how you have screwed your early users of 3.x? The fact that I continue to hear answers like "stop using 3 and use 5 or 6" only compounds my frustration/anger and makes me want to leave PhaseOne for Lightroom. Adobe understands backward compatibility. I really hope that your team can, at the very least, figure out a way to make 3.x work with current and future Mac OS. It's bad enough that you left your most dedicated and heavy users of Version 3 stranded with no way to continue working with those files that have so much time invested in them. I hope that this message reaches some higher authority at Phase One, because so far my cries for help have been ignored. I do intend to seek that person out if I don't hear back. I would also be interested to hear from other users to find out how they are coping with this, and if they have any solutions. I would also like some type of assurance from Phase One that current versions of your software will not be abandoned like V3 and unable to migrate to future versions. Without that assurance, I will discontinue use immediately and move to Lightroom. Phase One response kindly requested.

Ronny Knight
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Re: No migration, no backward compatibility allowed w/ Ver3

Postby NN116032 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:16 pm

The fact that they did not respond says it all.
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Re: No migration, no backward compatibility allowed w/ Ver3

Postby John4 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:06 pm

Yes, it says the author of that did NOT read the TOS of using this user-to-user forum...and ignores the fact that PhaseOne does not control backward compatability under a MAC or PC OS....although the rather liberal licensing policies of PhaseOne would allow him to continue using V3 under the current Windows OS if he chooses....
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Re: No migration, no backward compatibility allowed w/ Ver3

Postby Ulf » Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:07 pm

A license key always works backwards but never forwards.
If you have a license for current version of Capture One then it can be used with Capture One 3 as well.

When it comes to OS compatibility we can not of course affect this.
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