Jamming problem Mamiya DF / DM 33

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Jamming problem Mamiya DF / DM 33

Postby Arbour Photographe » Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:22 pm

Hi to all users
Since the first day, I have a jamming problem with my Mamiya DF / Leaf DM 33 kit.

-It happens unexpected, randomly, making any photo session a nightmare. The body show "Captr" (capture) or sometimes DB Err, no image is recorded, I have to remove the back, turn off body + back, and start again.

-It happend on battery operated (yes, they are fully charged, on any batteries - I have 10 batteries) and tethered. Thethered with and without a CF card in the slot.
-All firmwares are up to date
-Happens with all lenses, who are the latest ones, LS or regular.

I remarked it happens specially when camera is back from sleep mode. I tried to set "hold on" on custom function instead of default 15 secs. But the body does not "remember" this setting whatever A B or C setting group. I turn off the body, return to CF and still back to 15 secs.

I choose the A group, push set button until bip but hold on I chose before turning off is back to 15 secs.

I briefly tried with another body (Phase One AF, who is a AFDIII) without any jam.

Your help will be appreciated.
Arbour Photographe
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Re: Jamming problem Mamiya DF / DM 33

Postby yaya » Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:57 am

Hello Arbour, I suggest that you contact your local dealer or create a support case so that we can performs a few troubleshooting checks and have a better understanding of the issues you are experiencing


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Re: Jamming problem Mamiya DF / DM 33

Postby flashsplash » Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:17 am

Sounds very familiar, I have an identical problem and the camera is new although it is the Phase One 645DF+.
The only thing that works for me is to remove the digital back and then place it back.
When removing the DB I hear that the mirror is flipping......A very bad situation during a shoot and saying that this is a new camera and DB. The DB is the IQ160

I am in contact with the service dealer although he only refers to the body version of the software, release CF99 - 220 should have solved that issue. Although my camera has that release it did not help.

Lets see what they come-up with........
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Re: Jamming problem Mamiya DF / DM 33

Postby Arbour Photographe » Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:51 pm

Had the same problem.

Caused by camera's sleep mode (default 15 secs). When cam is back from sleep mode, the body jam (db err) when coupled with few digital back models. It is a known issue, following distributors.

Temporary solution is to put the custom function related to sleep mode to "hold on". It drains batteries faster, but it never goes on sleep mode and does not jam.

In my case ended up having also an aperture jamming on my DF body caused to all lenses by the body. Used my spare camera without any problem (AFDIII) meanwhile and bought a new DF+ as trade-in.

Firmware updates should solve your problem. If not, it is an electronic component who is defective. See with warranty/repair dept.

But it is not "normal".
Arbour Photographe
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Re: Jamming problem Mamiya DF / DM 33

Postby FredBGG » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:24 am

Had the same problem of the camera locking up like this.
That was with a DF and two different backs (mine and rented).
Bought the V-Grip as I was told that firmwire update would fix it.

Using the V-grip introduced other problems too.

Aperture dial would randomly go unresponsive.
Removing the grip and putting it together would resolve it most of the time.

Would work for a few days and then at the worst moment it would hang again,
sometimes repeatedly.

Ironically my back worked flawlessly with a Kapture Group control box and my Fuji gx680 camera.
Never locked up.

I wonder if this has anything to do with back wakeup time. The Kapture Group box would send a wakeup signal
with a larger interval from wakeup to exposure.
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Re: Jamming problem Mamiya DF / DM 33

Postby Arbour Photographe » Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:49 pm

Not the digital back sleep mode but the camera body sleep mode that caused the jam on the DF body.

Bought and received a DF+ as trade-in program to replace my DF.

Guess what? Unboxing the body, put the VGrip Air on it and...rear dial is unresponsive (had same problem on DF). Plugged the usb cable to the VGrip to check for updates...the read dial came back to life...

So guys if you experiment jamming problem with DF or DF+

-Unjam by removing/reinstall the digital back, press button on the body to cycle it. (always have fresh batteries everywhere)

-Go to CF (custom function) and change camera sleep mode to "always on". It will avoid the jam.

If you experiment unresponsive rear dial
-Try removing / put back the VGrip
-Or plug the USB cable for update in the grip

One of those two method should bring back the rear dial to life.

THANKS to this forum to exist. We can share good/bad things and solutions.
Arbour Photographe
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