Really like this system... but..

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Really like this system... but..

Postby klabton » Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:40 am

History of my 80 LS lens..
- repair after +/- 4k shoots (warranty)
- locked again and replaced for a new one. (warranty)
- shutter replace ( paid ) about year ago.
- and the last one, lens locked. Today should arrive... (paid)

(twice repaired shutter in body, once digital back)
I have this gear 2,5 years.....

I don't think, this lens has capacity to take 100k shoots.
I don't even use leaf shutter. But still this lens locks after less than 20000 shots... :cry:

I realize that, after all, the best solution for tethered shooting in studio. Much, much better service than Hass...
Shooting in studio with D800 tethered is a little bit annoying...

What can be done, to improve this system???
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Re: Really like this system... but..

Postby klabton » Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:06 pm

I'm back..
Time for 645 DF body.
18000 shoot's after last body repair ( 08.2012 ) Half exposed frames.. black frames.. Propably mirrior or shutter mechanism... This means 800 Euro.. :cry:

18000... It's should be 180.000!

You have to do something. Extend the warranty period after repair?
My company spend 1600 euro every year for repairs. Lens/body/lens/body....

Maybe I have no luck with my gear...

Is anyone else experiencing such problems?
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Re: Really like this system... but..

Postby Tolga » Fri May 10, 2013 11:43 am

Same problems here, after 6 months of buying the 645DF, the aperature wheel has broken goes to repair, after 13 months the shutter has broken goes to change the shutter, after 14 months Schneider 80 LS shutter problem goes to change the shutter. It is not possible to trust to the equipment. Probably better to buy a hassel 503cw .
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Re: Really like this system... but..

Postby David Cohen de Lara » Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:23 am

Oh man don't get me started. I shot with Nikon for about 6 years without a single problem. Several different bodies, many lenses, hundreds of thousands of exposures, traveled the world, no problems. I've had maybe 3 freeze-ups, and all were cured in seconds by simply turning the body off and back on.

With Phase One, just in the last 8 months I've had TWO separate 645DF bodies (one rental and one owned) lock up during commercial shoots and need to go into servicing. I've also had TWO of my LS lenses lock up during shooting and completely stop working. That is FOUR times in eight months that my gear has fully crapped out to me, compared to ZERO times in six YEARS with Nikon.

In terms of reliability Nikon is by FAR a more professional equipment compared to Phase One. I am this close to switching back to Nikon because I simply can't handle the stress and the embarrassment of working with second rate gear. Yes, second rate gear. Sure the image quality is second to none, but everything else is miles behind.
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Re: Really like this system... but..

Postby NN634463110826272094UL » Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:38 am

I had the DF when I bought the IQ180. I mostly use technical camera. So, I hardly took it out to shoot. I would say less than 1000 shot taken. I found out DF couldn't focus properly the first time I took it oversea. DF was sent to Denmark, then told to sent to it back to Japan instead (all done by dealer). It returned to me after 2 months. Sold it including 3 LS lenses and never looked back. I love the IQ back which I recenetly changed to the IQ260, but the camera systems is too scary in terms of reliability.
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Re: Really like this system... but..

Postby David Cohen de Lara » Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:28 am

Update: My 645DF came back from servicing. Apparently they replaced the shutter mechanism and some other stuff and gave it a full check up. Yay, I'm good to go, right?

Nope. On my next shoot it failed a lot and it kept triggering Capture One to go into 'updating camera list, please wait'. I ended up shooting to card but it still failed a bunch of times. So I went back to my dealer and they said it could be the battery. I tried the new battery and had one flawless shoot, so I bought the expensive new battery and thought I finally had a working camera. Yay, right?

Nope again. Next shoot (a 4 day shoot in Spain), I kept getting the 'Cap DB' and 'Err DB' errors on the body. This locked up the camera every time. I called for 'Value Added' replacement because the error said it was the back, but they told me it really wasn't the back it was the body so it wasn't their problem.

Oh, and the same thing happened to my 110mm LS lens. It locked during a shoot, I sent in for repair and full servicing, got it back and it locked up again.

I understand that any kind of gear will fail from time to time. But with Phase One I can't seem to go more than two or three shoots without a problem.
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