Questions, comments and suggestions regarding Phase One P+ series and P series digital camera backs.


Postby stl8 » Wed Dec 15, 2004 5:32 pm

We have several items of Phase One equipment in which were repossessed. I am searching for contact information for those dealing in buying/selling of used Phase One devices. If you have any information of which would be helpful, please contact me. Seeing as how I am not a photographer, I do not have much knowledge on this equipment like a photo professional would, although I have researched it. I am also trying to put a fair market value on this equipment and if you could help me with what these items go for these days, that would be outstanding. Items are as follows:

Light Phase Digital Camera System
SN BB021220 Model 71210

Power Phase Digital Camera System
SN AS001405 Model 71105

PU2 Power Supply Kit
Part # 70502

AR1 and TG1 Filters
Part #50200

All items are in box and appear to be in fair condition. All manuals and software are present.

I would appreciate any help you could provide. If we can sell this equipment and they enjoy it, I'm sure they will return and purchase more merchandise from Phase One in the future. Please contact me at the number listed below or simply reply to this email:

Nikki L. Malensky
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Postby Ulf » Mon Dec 20, 2004 2:49 pm

Please contact one of our sales reps in the U.S for help with this: ... erica.aspx
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