Rollei 6008AF/P20 kit

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Rollei 6008AF/P20 kit

Postby Mark Anderson » Thu May 19, 2005 2:07 am


I shoot MF Rollei and I want to go over to digital soon, I've been looking at the Rollei 6008/P20 kit.

But, I have a few concerns about this:

1. Nobody seems to buy the P20, they all have P25's, why, is it that much different, it certainly is in price.

2. What do you you mean by the square format digital back, would this back make a larger file on a 645 camera?does that mean I'm going to loose a lot of info when I crop for printing, ? I get lost here!
I know I'll be cropping my images for layout's and Syndication, is that a big problem?

3. I shoot mainly editorial, people mostly, I heard there's a problem with this back if there's more than 5 people in the shot in regards to HEAD size! What does THAT mean?

4. Some of my images get blown up to 50 x 40 inches,(after cropping) can this back handle it?

Well, after 27 years of shooting film some of these questions I'm asking seem weird, but right now the whole digital thing is like chinese to me!
The more I ask the more confusing it gets.

I look forward to any advice that you can give me.

Kindest regards,
Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson
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Postby Ulf » Wed Jun 22, 2005 1:27 pm


1. The P20 is about 4x4cm in chip size and the P25 is about 5x4, that means that the P25 is ideal on a 645 when you lens conversion factor is about 1.1, also you are using the \"sweet spot\" of the lens.

2. This is refering to the P20's 4x4 chip which is square.
If you do for example 4x5 crop it will be full size on the P25 but you will loose some on the P20.

3. Huh?, I am just as lost as you. I think this must only apply in the country of Jibberish.

4. No problem!
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Postby oMoses » Wed Aug 10, 2005 10:31 pm

I've just got my Rollei 6008 AF + P20 digital back and love it! Please feel free ask your questions if any...

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Postby Mark Anderson » Thu Dec 15, 2005 7:30 am


Thanks for the info.
I apolagize for the delay in getting back :)

Mark Anderson
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