P25 vs H25

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P25 vs H25

Postby pmirror » Fri Mar 25, 2005 12:52 pm

I have H25 for several months, and satisfied with the back and result so far. I believe P25 and H25 is the same; in terms of image quality. P25 advantage is in the untethered mode, which I read that most P25 owner still using their back tethered most of the time.

My question is; do you think the upgrade price from H25 to P25 is worth it? For my kind of shooting, bringin' laptop is bit messy but still okay--considering client would love to see bigger pictures in laptop.
Is there any advantage of P25 that I don't know? Thank you for the reply.
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Postby Keith Carpenter » Fri Mar 25, 2005 4:03 pm

The irony here is that when the first digital backs arrived and had to be connected to a computer, photographers yearned to be Untethered. Now that Phase One has made this a reality... as you mention, many continue to shoot Tethered... go figure!
The main features that I believe make the Pbacks desirable are its self-contained portability, speed, and white balance capabilities.

The portability has met the demands of shooters out in field settings that prevent bringing along the computer and accessories needed.

Speed has been met for fashion and high action shooters; and with the increasing capabilities of compact flash card write speeds this can only improve.

The ability to establish up to 3 custom WB settings on the back includes establishing a custom WB in Capture One and upload the setting to the Pback.
Now I'll step aside and let those Professional Shooters weigh-in on the subject with their experiences.


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