Best way to move a folder from one catalog to another?

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Best way to move a folder from one catalog to another?

Postby anthony.s » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:49 pm

I accidentally imported images into the wrong catalog - let's call it catalog A. I rated and made some adjustments to those images before I realized my mistake.

I opened the correct catalog - B, added the folder the images were saved to, then imported those images into the current location. Images are now in the correct place but the edits made in catalog A do not appear in catalog B.

It looks like I missed the option in the Import dialog to 'Include existing adjustments'. Is there any way to resolve my mistake and get those adjustments back?

I've tried removing the folder from catalog B, moving the images back in to catalog A (confirming the edits were still there), then opening catalog B and reimporting with 'include existing adjustments'. The adjustments did not come over from A to B.

I tried exporting as a catalog from catalog A then importing catalog in to catalog B. This worked in that the edits were retained but then I couldn't find the location of the images - I'm guessing they were imported into the catalog as opposed to in a folder.

Update: So it looks like I was able to achieve what I wanted by exporting all the images into a new folder and including the adjustments. Then importing that folder into catalog B. The question still stands though, what's the BEST way to move images from one catalog to another?
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Re: Best way to move a folder from one catalog to another?

Postby Ian3 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:38 pm

I think the way you did it is probably the right thing to do. Export from catalog A and import into catalog B.

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Re: Best way to move a folder from one catalog to another?

Postby NN635680879799322049UL » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:34 am

One point to remember, is the term "folder" refers to the container of referenced image files, not to a project or album.

If you export your images as a catalog and import them into the catalog in which you want them to reside, the images, edits, and metadata will be preserved in a new Project or Album and the files will be placed inside the Folders/In Catalog (that section below User Collections in the Library.

Here is my process when I only want to import one album or project from one catalog to another. Right click on the project or album to be exported and select "Export as Catalog" from the dropdown and fill in the form indicating the name of the export catalog and where you want it to be written. Open the catalog into which you want to import, select File/Import Catalog/Capture One Catalog and select the catalog you just created and import it. It will appear as a new project or album and you can copy the images individually or the entire album or project to any location in your User Collection. You will need to move the files to a folder if you want them to be referenced files. You can use an existing folder or a create a new one (Add Folder).

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