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keyword library

Postby NNN636746263898859274 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:43 pm

I just went from LR to C1 PRO Fujifilm.

The editor, raw converter and tethering is really great and for me a step forward.
Good keyword/metadata support is very essential for me aswell.

Unfortunately the keyword support in C1 is very poor and primitive.

1. After importing the keywords from library I lost all synonyms because it appers there is no support for synonyms in C1.
I'm a nature photographer. After making a picture I determine the specie and in lightroom I'm adding the local name as main keyword to the picture. Next I add synonyms like the english name, german name, scientific name, etc. to that keyword. This is a one time thing.
After that The next time I just have to add the local name and the synonyms are automatically included.
As far as I can discover this is all impossible in C1.

2. In organizing the library (in LR) I've defined keywords in the hierarchy which should not be exported to the processed images.
In LR it's possible to mark a keyword as such. (An example is the hierarchy in the library of the keyword 'Amsterdam' => continents ->'Europe', countries, 'Netherlands', Provinces, 'North Holland', cities, 'Amsterdam' ) When adding 'Amsterdam' to a picture automatically the keywords North Holland, Netherlands, Europe are exported to the picture during the export process. It doesn't make sense to have the keywords like cities, provinces, countries, etc exported as well..

The ommission of synonyms is the worst issue I have though. It can force me to revert to LR when I can't find a good alternative solution when using C1 which I really prefer.

Does anyone recognize this omission and found a solution for this?
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