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Lightroom to Capture One

Postby NNN636243570322846744 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:22 pm

I'm using a Capture One trial and imported three Lightroom catalogs for a total of approximately 200,000 images; most were from a single LR catalog. Each catalog is listed as a separate collection in Capture One. As I move from one folder (or collection), Capture One re-creates the list of keywords in the Filter panel slowly enough that I can watch individual words appear. Switching file locations and doing searches is unbearably slow - I wanted to switch from Lightroom because it was slow but LR is extremely fast compared to the results I'm getting with Capture One.

Is the speed the result of having all of my images as Lightroom catalog imports? Any other thoughts or suggestions?
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Re: Lightroom to Capture One

Postby Luke_Miller » Fri Apr 07, 2017 3:31 pm

I think you are correct that having your Lightroom imported catalogs as collections is the problem. I also find Lightroom very slow so C1 is my preferred image processor. Perhaps exporting your Lightroom collections as a catalog will help. Then you can open those catalogs and get normal performance.
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Re: Lightroom to Capture One

Postby easycass » Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:22 am

I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone else is looking for answers...

I imported all 70,000 images straight, just with .xmp files from Lightroom, so essentially, a clean import with no real connection to the LR catalogue itself. I have found that the filters panel will nearly always regenerate when I select a new folder, and of course takes many minutes when selecting all images. Occasionally, after a catalogue database repair (which is needed often with the delicate C1 database unfortunately), the filters panel does not regenerate. However, usually after a bit of meta data and/or keyword manipulation of a few hundred images, everything goes back to normal, with regeneration of the filter panel evident on selecting a folder to display.

Yes, I knew all of this before I purchased C1, but was hoping that updates would eventually solve these issues. There has been some progress, especially on importing with v 11.1, but so many cataloguing functions that were fairly robust in LR are broken in C1.

Some people who use a small number of images, or who do not use all the functionality of the DAM side of things, may not notice all these things, so it is likely you will find replies on these forums where people cannot reproduce such problems. As someone who uses keywords, filtering and advanced searching alot, the limitations created by what appears to be the rather delicate nature of the database and the subsequent time it takes waiting for things to happen, or not happen as the case may be, is taking its toll... :(
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