Layers duplicating and stacking vs Replacing

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Layers duplicating and stacking vs Replacing

Postby NN890511 » Mon Dec 23, 2019 7:04 am

I am disappointed and frustrated with the way the layers are now being implemented in the new C120. While it's nice and convenient to apply individual layers to new images, it is frustrating and labor intensive to try and copy a readjusted layer stack to a new image without doubling up on the layers already there.
There needs to be an option to "add to stack" or "replace stack". Or a legacy option to revert back to the way layers worked before in C1-12.
I have a session where a 4 layer stack was applied to 100 images. I realized the burn layer was too strong, so readjusted it and tried to apply the new adjustment to the rest of the images. It could not replace the burn layer, only add on top of the one already there on all 100 images. If I want to correct the images, I need to go into each one and remove the older burn layer.
This is ridiculous and not worth the work and frustration.
Am I missing something here, or is this how the layers are now to work. Duplicating only and no option to replace?
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Re: Layers duplicating and stacking vs Replacing

Postby Paul_Steunebrink » Mon Dec 23, 2019 1:03 pm

The only thing you probably missed is this thread where it is discussed quite extensively. No offense, there are so many threads here already.

Enjoy reading!
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Re: Layers duplicating and stacking vs Replacing

Postby Mark492 » Wed Jan 22, 2020 11:50 am

You're not missing anything. That's the default behaviour, with no way to change it back to how it used to work. And yes, it's stupid.
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