that confounded 'session' business

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that confounded 'session' business

Postby NN635790973675498599UL » Wed Jul 31, 2019 9:34 pm

I have no use for 'sessions' and consequently don't understand them despite having used C1 for years. When I install, it creates some sort of default session and I pay no attention. I don't 'import' photos, just copy them from the memory card. I don't want C1 trying to manage file locations, I don't want a 'catalog'. I just edit photos, and that's fine.

Except now I find out that C1's 'session trash' folder is in my Windows "Photos" folder (another concept for which I have no use) and consequently, every deleted photo is being picked up by OneDrive and backed up to the MS Cloud. That's 8gb of useless deleted files as of now (until I 'empty' the session trash) which are occupying space on cloud servers.

This is just one big PITA for me and in fact Sessions are the one and only thing I've always hated about C1. The brief explanations I find online don't really tell me what a session "is" or what it controls. I just want it to all go away. :evil:

I want to relocated that Trash folder somehow, but I find no settings for it, or in fact any sort of "session properties". How can I get out of this? If I create a new Session, what do I lose from the one I've been using? How can I control the Trash location - or better yet, tell C1 to stop obsessively saving my deleted files?
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Re: that confounded 'session' business

Postby SFA » Wed Jul 31, 2019 9:57 pm

I think you are probably missing some useful opportunities to give yourself some control over what goes where and avoid your OneDrive problem - although quite why you (or someone) has setup your system to include the session trash folder is somewhat puzzling.

I write this as someone who, for about the first year of my C1 use, completely failed to understand why I would benefit from taking a short time to understand Sessions and how they could readily enhance the way I worked with C1.
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