Would Capture One Pro 12 Styles work on future upgrades

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Would Capture One Pro 12 Styles work on future upgrades

Postby NN636156873323005842UL » Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:28 pm

I have purchased few styles of Capture One Pro 12 for Sony perpetual licence, which I am using now. These styles would also get installed after any future upgrade, say on Capture One Pro 13 perpetual upgrade or one would have to buy another set of same styles.
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Re: Would Capture One Pro 12 Styles work on future upgrades

Postby Ian3 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:36 pm

I am not a great user of Styles, but I believe the answer is that you would not have to repurchase the styles. You might have to download updated versions of them. Search the forum - I think a similar issue has come up with respect to the upgrade from v11 to v12.

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Re: Would Capture One Pro 12 Styles work on future upgrades

Postby SFA » Sun Jul 28, 2019 5:51 pm

Ian3 is correct. There was a significant processing engine update shortly after the original Capture One style packs were launched and that meant that the way some of the style components worked gave different results for the new processing engine compare to the previous versions.

Style packs (as would be the case with user generate styles as well) needed to be updated to give the same results and, as I recall, work with both the new engine and previous support version. (As I don't use style packs someone else may need to fill in any details I have missed or correct my observation.

Whether Phase (or third party providers) are prepared to do that as a free service or a paid update would be a commercial matter for them. I doubt it would be a supportable exercise for anyone to offer unlimited future updates without some cost coverage. However as the styles are using available tools and may indeed be considered to be just starting points for our own creativity, we would always have the option to modify the styles ourselves. (Not, perhaps, things like the Fuji Film Styles though since they are the product of a different part of the technology.)

That said I would not see self maintenance as any sort of option if one has a wide range of Style Pack styles that one likes to use.


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