Nikon Z native lens support

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Nikon Z native lens support

Postby Franz1 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:09 pm

I just wanted to test C1 12.1 with my Z7 and realized that it does not support lens correction for native lenses (aside 24-70 f/4S).
Nikon Z puts lens correction data for native lenses into NEF files but I checked with m,y 35mm S, 50mm S and 24-70f/2.8S and it seems not to be corrected!

Can it be that only 24-70/4 is the only supported native lens for Z system?
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Re: Nikon Z native lens support

Postby IanL » Mon Jul 29, 2019 3:19 pm

According to the release notes:

These are the Nikon Z lenses with profiles:

NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8 S*
NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S*
NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S*
NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S*
NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S*

*Lens profile is embedded in the RAW file and will show as ‘Manufacturer Profile’
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Re: Nikon Z native lens support

Postby Franz1 » Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:28 pm

Ok, I checked some wide 24mm shots on my 24-70/2-8S and I have CA and hide distorted areas ticked.

I see changes if I set distortion and light faloff to 100% which is in my believe fully corrected then.

If I alt-click then on the restore original to see difference th distortion slider stays on 100% and the light faloff goes back to 0.

Also if I tick the '...' on Lens correction and switch on 'disable default lens correction' nothing happens!

I expect to see which lens correction has been done and to see also original if I restore or switch off automatic lens correction, but the only change I can see is with light falloff!

I can see changes when moving distortion slider but I cannot see difference by alt-reset!

By the way, if I set the lens to 24-70/4S which is the only Z lens listed and set distortion 10 100 I can see a difference.
If I alt-reset the difference is visually gone but the slider for distortion stays on 100%!

So either there is a problem with distortion changing in manufacturer profile or/and a problem in alt-reset.

There is definitely a problem on alt-reset with distortion slider because it does note move to 0 (on both lens settings)!
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Re: Nikon Z native lens support

Postby SFA » Mon Jul 29, 2019 11:29 pm


DIstortion set to 100% would be the usual default value for an automatically detected lens.

The meaning then would be 100% of the assessed value required to correct for the lens, its settings and the sensor in use (or whatever settings may be relevant for the particular lens system in use.

Users may change the percentage should they so wish decreasing or increasing the level of adjustment applied.

The Help in the User Guide discusses this point with reference to applying manual corrections but I think the principle applies in all situations.

Differences, for some lenses, may be very subtle although usually more obvious at the wider end of a zoom lens when considering distortion and a relatively modern lens.

I don't think Disable Default Lens Correction does what you are expecting it to do. My understanding is that is disables the Lens tool's Automatic lens selection that is based on EXIF information in the image. It's not a way of turning the existing adjustments on and off.

In addition the Alt-reset effect will not unset the tools values but will undo the last changes of lens selection or adjustment method if using the Generic options. So, for example, if the system has automatically identified lens A but you select instead lens B, Alt-reset will display whatever the settings were for Lens A not the most recent changes you may have made or Lens B. (that's a very simple description - if you feel the need to understand it in depth (personally I do not but your needs may well be different to mine I would suggest that you experiment with the Lens Correction tool and at first just observe what it is doing in different situations. Set your expectations aside while doing that.)

There may well be a tutorial video or section of a Webinar that discusses the Lens Correction tool in some detail but you may need to search for such things if you need to dig deeper than the information provided by the User Guide via the "?" icon on the top line of the tool's window.

If you wish to set a slider value back to default (e.g. 0 for the "Generic" setting offered if a lens is not identified) you can simply double click in the slider. So long as you leave the cursor where the slider was set another click will reset it to the previous value.

To more clearly see the any distortion adjustments being made turn the "Hide Distorted Areas" setting off. For most good lenses the differences may well be very slight. If you change the selected lens to "Generic" and move the slider up and down you can see how much potential adjustment can be provided.



ETA: Try this link for a few C1 Blog entries that relate to lens correction. Not all are completely up to date with the tools full functionality but they should cover the main points that have not changed for some time since they do not need to. Also some of the links to illustrative images are no longer available but that should not matter.

The "Essentials" blog entry has a link at the bottom to a short tutorial video. It is based on V8 but sill relevant as per my comments above.
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Re: Nikon Z native lens support

Postby Franz1 » Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:58 pm

Thanks for your explanation.

I believe I do understand how it should work and I checked back on some pictures from a year ago with D850 and Tamron 15-30 G2, I could remove distortion there (by setting it to 100%) and when I alt-click-reset I see the difference to no distortion correction.

On the Z7 pictures with any of the native lenses I get distortion to 100% and I see changes when moving the slider, but when I alt-click-reset display the distortion stays at 100% and does not show any difference, so 100% and not 0% seems to be the default, exactly opposite to the behavior on D850!

This was causing that I was mislead that there no distortion correction on Z lenses because you don't see the correction done when alt-click-reset!

This different behaviour should be changed because I do want to see original (not corrected photo when alt-click-reset to see what I already corrected and what not!
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Re: Nikon Z native lens support

Postby SFA » Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:09 pm

I think the Tamron lenses that are in the supported list have been added quite recently - within the past year.

I suspect that with your D850 example you may have been seeing NO CORRECTION as the default and so were using manual correction. On that basis, for an unidentified lens (or one with no corrections to apply) the default would be 0 (no adjustments) and you applied 100% to get an effect.

Using temporary reset to go back to pre-adjustment would then revert to 0. (I suspect a recognised lens but with Auto Detection turned off by default would give the same effect.)

With a recognised lens the default setting is to apply 100% of the available correction and allow the user to reduce the correction should they wish or increase it a little - should they wish.

Sometimes, as C1 advances and more cameras and lenses come into included support, it can be difficult to know precisely and with complete certainty what might have happened at an earlier time. So I might be wrong - there is plenty of room for confusion to travel alongside progress!

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