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Re: Picture counter Album etc.

Postby Ian3 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:35 pm

SFA wrote:Expand and Collapse, for both Selected and All images, are active functions for the "All Images" Session Album in Windows for V12.

This installation is currently V12.0.3 as I am just finishing a couple of shoots before doing some general software updates, but I would doubt 12.1 would be different.

If there are difference it will be something to investigate further.


Interesting. I am on 12.1.1 on both my MacBook and my iMac, and I find that I can't use Expand and Collapse as you can on the All Images album either in a session or a catalog. I wonder why.

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Re: Picture counter Album etc.

Postby NNN636818961155133822 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:37 pm

Ian3 wrote:Smart albums don't show the number of images they contain. One explanation I have seen is that to do that Capture One would have to keep recalculating every time you for instance changed a star rating, or a keyword or whatever your criteria are for the smart album.

That the reason is a potential performance reason is hard to believe for me. Every other folder in C1 is permanently updating the counter changes inclusive "All Images" or the rating filter. It is normally not a big deal for a software to keep track of changing content numbers.
I think the the Smart Album counter is just broken and that has nothing to do with a performance concern ...

Ian3 wrote:Does it matter? You now know why the count is not what you expected. Unless you are looking at a folder, you don't really care whether the variants in it are expanded or collapsed, do you? It only makes a difference to you when you want to look at them. When you are looking at them, you are able to collapse or expand them as you choose (and that should stick). I have almost 34,000 images in my catalog, and many of the folders have not been looked in for quite some time. If I did go to view the contents of a folder that was last looked at 6 months ago, I could easily use Expand All if I needed to, and until I was looking in it, I wouldn't need to perhaps?


Yes, it matters to me. I'm not used to have a lot of guesswork with a professional software which is supposed to keep my back free from routine task like "is the counter number correct or not".

You are right - I learned why the counter number is different then the images thumbnail preview. Accepted! Easy to check with a folder which contains 5-10 images. I would prefer a counter format like 2(2) what tells me better what is going on but that is plain cosmetic.
But if your folder has more images then that you can't compare the counter with the presented thumbnails. In that case you have always to trigger manually "expand all" to see all variants (if this folder has any!) to be sure you are on the save side to work with the real content. Reason: Why I should create new variants when it is already done in a previous session. Keep your work area clean! :wink:

Sure, every image has a tiny symbol which tells me "there is a variant" but will you check that every time when you open a new folder with maybe 200 images? I don't think so! That is plain counter productive.

To avoid this superfluous guesswork about "what is the collapse status of this folder" I like to have a default setting or a working "Expand/Collapse All function.

The Menu/Image/Expand All or Collapse All works only on a single folder. At least on Win10/C1 12.1/64bit.
Even selecting the "All Images" folder in my Catalog and using "Expand All" leads to the effect that it Expand All in that folder - but the status in all other catalog folders are untouched.
Additional - If I use Expand All and after a 1h or so I'm not anymore sure that I used it I would expect to see the command "Expand All" grayed out because it is already used on that folder. Nope - it is never grayed out!

Why I have to do all this guesswork??? I work long enough with computer / programs to know that it has not to be that complicated.

Edit: I just checked the grayed out behavior for Menu/Images "Expand selected" / "Collapse selected". None of this commands detects a selection - they are never grayed out ... :(
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Re: Picture counter Album etc.

Postby Ian3 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:58 pm

As far as I recall, Phase One have said that the lack of a counter on smart albums is by design, not accident. Whether it is easy to design it to do differently I am not qualified to say.

And as I said, I don't know why my installation seems to default to expanding all variants, and yours seems to default to collapsing them. However, I don't think collapsing or expanding them makes a difference to the counter, and I just tried to point out that you could expand all in any folder if you wanted to and wouldn't need to do that until you next are in that folder anyway.

Beyond that, I think the discussion has reached the limit of what your fellow users (which is all the members of this forum are) can help with. If you think that there are faults with the software to be corrected or features that you think should be added, the most effective route to getting Phase One to do something about it is to raise a support case.

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