Previews in C1

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Previews in C1

Postby NNN636790968193637015 » Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:10 am


I have my catalog on an SSD and my RAW files on a hard drive.
If I disconnect my hard drive (which contains RAW files) I can not see the images when I navigate through the folders in the catalog.

I was used to working with LR and SmartPreviews without physically having the files connected to the program I could see all the photos, reveal them, classify them, ...
Is it possible to do this with C1?
I have tried it and I can only see and reveal the photos of the last folder I was in before disconnecting the hard drive that contained the RAW.

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Re: Previews in C1

Postby Ian3 » Mon Feb 25, 2019 10:05 am

Yes it should work like you want it to. Are you sure that Capture One has had the opportunity to generate all the previews it needs? You could go to the "All Images" catalog collection and wait for Capture One to generate the previews for everything. (Of course, it needs access to the raw files while it is generating the previews. But once they have been generated, it should be possibly to work without the external drive connected. There are just a few things that it cannot do without access to the raw files, such as using a Luma Range on a mask, or processing to an output format.) If you have a very large number of files, it might be wise to set it to do this over night.

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