Opening NEF Files Edited in ACR

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Re: Opening NEF Files Edited in ACR

Postby Keith Reeder » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:40 pm

Joe Pulcinella wrote:I can't believe this is 2019, Capture One is in version 12, and we're discussing making everything into TIF files for the sake of interoperability with Adobe products. This is insane

You seem to have no understanding of the subject matter. How can edits made in one converter making meaningful sense to another converter, simply because both can read (say) XMP?

Just to use one easy example: "10" on the Saturation slider in Lr is entirely different in terms of its effect, to "10" in Capture One, not least because Capture One's Saturation is actually more akin to a Smart Vibrance control.

See the problem? Just because two languages use the same alphabet, it doesn't mean that words in one language are capable of being understood by someone only familiar in the other language - that's very closely analogous to the issue which you seem to think is so easy to address.
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