Creating and Managing Stacks

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Creating and Managing Stacks

Postby Eric Nepean » Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:53 pm

Capture One users have frequently mentioned in the forums that they seek a solution to group only selected variants, not every variant of some images.

Many of us also look for a DAM function known as "stacking", which groups a number of variants of different images. But not necessarily all the variants of those images.

Likely these features have been requested from Phase One, but no one knows if and when they might be delivered in Capture One Pro. Phase One understandably has a many business priorities to manage, and their R&D spend has to be managed (as does virtually every other commercial enterprise).

As an interim measure I provide this solution.

I define a Stacked Variants Album as a Smart Album which has a rule that selects variants with its own name in the Metadata.

In this partiicular implementation, the SVAs serch for their own name in the IPTC Subject Code field, which can convenintly hold a number of such strings. The SVA's names all start with "SVA_" so that a user can easily recognise them.

As one of my correpondents has pointed out, all of this can be done by hand without a script.

This script takes care of in a few seconds what will take one a few minutes by hand. And if you are interuppted by a client call or by family matters, the script won't forget or corrupt the data, it will still execute accurately.

The script will create SVA, and it will add selected variants from SVAs, and remove them. There is a fairly efficient dialog that will let the user choose the script's actions.

See this posting for in the scripting forum for the script isteslf and more details. I look forward to feedback, comments and questions.
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