Save to delete Cache-folder after import to catalog?

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Save to delete Cache-folder after import to catalog?

Postby NNN636729592181981976 » Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:31 am


Some time ago I read a blog-post on the CaptureOne-website which outlined a workflow like this:
1) Create new session (on PCs internal storage), put all images in "Capture"
2) Select the images you want to keep, delete the ones you don't, make adjustments.
3) Process the images to "Output" and use for whatever you want (I put them in Apple Photos to have them on my phone)
4) Copy the Capture-folder of the session (containing the RAW-files) to external storage.
5) Open your CaptureOne-Catalog and import the folder from 4), marking "keep adjustments" and keep the images in their previous location.

This workflow works really well for me, because it allows me to keep the projects which are in progress on my laptop's internal SSD and store the images I am done with on my external disk in the Catalog.

I noticed that when importing into the Catalog, CaptureOne recreates all previews. I suspect therefore, that previews are stored somewhere else in the Catalog and it is therefore safe to delete the (Session)/CaptureOne/Cache-folder. Is that correct? Right now I feel like I store the thumbnails twice, once in the catalog and once in the (copied) session-folder. Is it also save to delete the settings (.../CaptureOne/Settings120), because they are transferred to the Catalog?
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