How can I stop Capture One autofocusing my Canon 5DSR?

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How can I stop Capture One autofocusing my Canon 5DSR?

Postby NN635817276751487853UL » Wed Mar 20, 2019 10:42 am

With the Canon Eos Utility 3 when remote shooting you can use what Canon call "remote manual focus" i.e. you set the focus using the tethered Mac, then press the shutter release within the EOS software, and the pic is taken and the focus is what you focussed you wanted.

With Capture One 12 you can go through the careful onscreen remote focusing using the software, zoom right in etc. (this with the AF in the software switched OFF) then press the software shutter release, the preview stays as focussed, camera autofocus can be heard seeking, then the preview changes to a different wrong focus and the captured image is also incorrectly focussed. Why oh why would anyone want that to happen after "manually" focussing?

The workaround currently is to focus in the CO12 software, then switch the AF/MF physical switch on the lens to manual, then take the shot, then switch it back to AF to enable the next shot to be focussed from within CO12 - not exactly time-saving. (The other workaround is obviously to leave the camera lens switched to MF, and focus manually)

So, I'm very new to Capture One, what am I doing wrong? It must surely be possible or the whole focus via software functionality is literally a waste of time isn't it?

(I took some screen captures but can't see how to easily load them, seems like I need to host them at a URL, seems a bit clunky / old school for a forum about cutting edge photography software but still. Adding Smilies has been made easy, but perhaps not very useful.)
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