Export problem when using repair tool

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Export problem when using repair tool

Postby NN635246008475418067UL » Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:45 pm

Hi: Did you ever encounter problems when exporting images to a smaller size after using a repair tool?

My exports showed hard edges of the size of the respective repair tool and unwanted spots that do not show in the processed original reappeared. The cure was an export in full size. I realized this after some trial and error by using the "proof according to processing" tool. So the appearance of the exported picture is crappy if you do not export in full file size when the edited picture includes circular repairs. A very surprising behavior.

Instead of writing this to forum, I would have preferred to send this observation to PO but as usual, but did not see a simple way to do that. If this is a bug - and I am not making any mistake when editing - I hope it can be fixed soon.

( for Mac, OS 10.13.6)

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Re: Export problem when using repair tool

Postby SFA » Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:28 pm

What you describe is not something I have observed .

It is quite simple to communicate with Phase One Support via a Support Case.

In the Help menu you should see an option called "Capture One Support" or similar and that will take you to the Support Resources.

This forum is primarily a User to User facility - which is useful but does not set out to provide any form of personal support direct from Phase.

I think for your observation we would need to know quite a bit more about your process and types of files, etc,. before much help could be usefully offered.


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