Switching between Browser and Viewer

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Re: Switching between Browser and Viewer

Postby Peter.Brockhausen » Tue Dec 25, 2018 4:35 pm

A setup with two monitors is one way...
In general, one has to accept, that the "User Interface" in Capture One is neither like Aperture nor like Lightroom. Some things are better solved, some are worse. But the sooner one accepts this, the better. One can save a lot of time in watching the videos, in particular the webinars, of Phase One and look, how e.g. David uses the catalog there. And read the blog of phase one.
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Re: Switching between Browser and Viewer

Postby Ian3 » Tue Dec 25, 2018 10:35 pm

cryptochrome wrote:When double clicking an image, it switches to the viewer (as it does in Capture One). When double clicking again or hitting the escape key, it returns to the browser grid view.

That doesn't work in Capture One, at least I haven't found a way. The only way that seems to work is hiding the viewer with a keyboard shortcut or corresponding menu item.

I can't get used to this and find it very cumbersome. Is there a better way to seamlessly switch between browser (large thumbnail grid view instead of side strip) and viewer?

I have set up a keyboard shortcut for Show or Hide Viewer using the § key (following David Grover's suggestion in his webinars). It is a single keypress using a key that I never need for anything else. Also I almost never have the filmstrip of thumbnails showing when I am using the Viewer - I'd rather have the maximum screen real estate for my image. (After all as soon as I press § I go back to seeing the grid again.) It quickly becomes second nature - so much so that in an app that DOES use a double click to open the image and a double click to close it again, I still find myself trying to press § to close it.

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Re: Switching between Browser and Viewer

Postby irose_57 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:30 am

Thanks Ian3 - works great!
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Re: Switching between Browser and Viewer

Postby NNN636719781504729991 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:00 am


If I understand correctly your issue may be a bug I reported last year with Capture One 11 that still remains in Capture One 12. It used to be that you could set up the interface (browser and viewer) exactly like Lightroom in that you could place a Filmstrip at the bottom when the Viewer is shown and when you hid (toggled) the Viewer the browser would be in Grid mode. Please see below my message to customer support and their response. They acknowledge it's a bug and say it should be fixed in the next service update... but that was in September 2018.

"In the last update something changed with the behaviour of the browser and viewer.

I have the browser placed below when the viewer is shown. Before the update I was able to view the browser as a Filmstrip (when below) but when the Viewer was hidden the browser would become a Grid. For me this was a prefect setup that worked perfectly!

Now what happens is: If I choose filmstrip when the viewer is below and hide the viewer the browser becomes a large filmstrip only showing 3-4 photos and I have to manually change it to Grid. But then when I show the viewer the browser becomes a grid that cuts off half the photo (and scrolls differently) and I have to change it back to filmstrip.

I notice that when the browser is placed to the right it works and behaves as it did before the update. I really do prefer the browser below but the new behavior doesn't work for me. Is there a way to get back to how its worked before the update?

10-09-2018 08:24
Hi - thanks for writing,
i have seen what you report as well - i will report to R&D - this is a small annoying bug we should fix in next service release.
For now you can use Capture One 11.2.1 as is or you can revert to verison 11.2 - you can get the software here: https://www.phaseone.com/en/Download/Software-Archive/COArchiveMac.aspx
In regards to an eventual fix i canot say when this will be added.
Thanks for using Capture One and sorry for the trouble
Phase One Support
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Re: Switching between Browser and Viewer

Postby NN635680879799322049UL » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:14 am

What is the § key?
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Re: Switching between Browser and Viewer

Postby Ian3 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:49 am

NN635680879799322049UL wrote:What is the § key?

On a mac keyboard it's the key beneath the Esc key. I don't know about a PC keyboard, but you could use any key that you weren't likely to want in Capture One.

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