Capture Pilot. Port/recompile for Windows 10 (x86_64), ARM64

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Capture Pilot. Port/recompile for Windows 10 (x86_64), ARM64

Postby NNN636923793106570211 » Sat Nov 23, 2019 5:20 pm


I don't use/want/need iOS devices (although iPads are slick).

I'm a Surface person, and that is a large pool of users.

I want Capture Pilot to be ported to or recompiled for: Intel/AMD x86_64, and for ARM64 for Microsoft SQ1 Custom ARM SOC.

I would like to see the Capture Pilot software expanded so that PC users can run it on a Surface or Latop/2-in-1 device(s)

I would ESPECIALLY like to see it running on ARM64 to give me the incentive to purchase the Surface Pro X running the SQ1. x86_64 is also extremely relevant as all Surface devices, except the Surface Pro X run on that chipset. I would port/recompile for ARM64 FIRST, because that is the most future-forward platform. I expect to see a big shift in the PC space as Windows 10 is transitioned to running natively on ARM64. I would secondly port/recompile Capture Pilot to x86_64 to address the needs of the existing crop of PC users and Surface users alike.

As an aside, It's great that Capture One Pro already works natively on x86_64. I would like to see it expanded via a port/recompile (don't know how the code is designed) to run natively on ARM64. The writing is on the wall in the PC space that ARM64 is the future. Embrace it.

Thanks for considering my request(s)
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