12.9" iPad Pro Slow Performance

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12.9" iPad Pro Slow Performance

Postby lukesanders » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:20 pm

I've noticed that my newest generation 12.9" iPad Pro (256GB) has relatively poor performance loading images in Capture Pilot compared with previous generation iOS devices, even compared to the last generation (2015) 12.9" iPad Pro. I've tested it side by side with the older iPad Pro and even my old iPhone 6s seems to load images much more speedily, both when I load the thumbnail page and while displaying full screen images. I've tried on the same wireless network, updating to latest version of iOS, disabling all the multitasking features of the iPad, and quitting all other apps. Note I am talking about capture pilot connected to a desktop machine through WiFi; I have not tested this particular issue connected directly to the back.

Has anyone else has noticed this? My only speculation as to why this might be is that this generation is the first to have the higher refresh 120hz screen, and I'm wondering if there is some sort of software optimization that could correct this. It's actually bad enough that I'm considering not even using the newest Pro on set, despite the newer screen having better color.

To give an idea of the difference I've made 2 videos. Obviously an imperfect comparison, but it gives you an idea of what I'm talking about. The difference may seem small but I assure you on a set looking through hundreds of images it can be painful. I would have chalked it up to network performance until I directly compared an old iPad Pro with my newer iPad Pro on the same network at the same time and the old one seemed faster which shocked me. Unfortunately I don't have the older one available now to make a video.

These were done with the same C1 session, on the same 5G network, making sure to quit Capture Pilot before running the test so nothing was preloaded. Latest versions of iOS and Capture Pilot (2.0). Neither device is anywhere near storage capacity.

iPhone 6s

iPad Pro 12.9" Latest Gen

Appreciate any thoughts you may have. Cheers!
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Re: 12.9" iPad Pro Slow Performance

Postby NNN636676243928723904 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:25 pm

Yes, it is working very slow in my iPhone also. I could not solve this problem on my own so I contacted iCloud customer service for support. They have helped me with the proper solution. Now it is working fine.
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