Overlay/LV functions

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Overlay/LV functions

Postby m1ke » Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:44 pm

I love the Pilot app, but I really wish there were overlay and live view features available. It would be super helpful to have an overlay that's loaded into Capture One sent through with the image on the Pilot app. Live view would be great as well too! I have no idea how taxing this would be on the wireless connection and maybe that's why it's not available at this point? Anyway, just wanted to see if there's any thought into building either of these into future updates.
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Re: Overlay/LV functions

Postby photoGrant » Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:35 pm

This is almost a requirement from stylists and tabletop folks now in my field and I've accommodated them by using apps such as Astropad or Duet to stream a wireless displayed version of my monitor.

Astropad is great as it allows you to customize a set of shortcuts displayed on the iPad app that extend the functionality of C1 from a 'display' perspective.

Now my artist friends can enable/disable Live View, enable/disable the Overlay, Check focus quickly and rate images all on the iPad app without the need for Phase One's dinosaur attempt.

It requires a little setting up, but it's a much shorter achievable objective than slinging feature requests down that well.

With respects to 'taxing'. You can happily turn your MBP into an Ad-Hoc and skirt the bandwidth limitations of a shared network, or roll your own AirPort Extreme / similar for a quick and dirty local network.

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