[Feature Request] Add 'Neutrals' to Colour Editor tool

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Re: [Feature Request] Add 'Neutrals' to Colour Editor tool

Postby PixlPhotography » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:12 pm

Denyer wrote:I think y'all might have gone off on the deep end of this one...

One can select by colour. One could reasonably expect that within the identical mathematical framework used to determine those colour selections, that one could compute the inverse, with a tolerance cutoff, to implement colour shifts against regions with no or low colour. In the same breath, being able to apply an adjustment to regions based on a Saturation mask rather than a Luminosity mask also very useful and simple to implement within their existing UI and computation framework.

It's nothing to do with pixel based editing, which, IMO, Capture One should not veer towards.

Speaking as a developer myself (c++, qt), while you're pretty spot on the money with this as far as the math goes... that doesn't always translate directly to source code. It really depends on how refined the developers have written their code. Its a complex thing to explain so I'll try to use an simpler analogy. Lets say you want to calculate triangle side lengths using the Pythagorean theorem. You could write a method (programming term) that uses the bitwise operations required each step of the way in a linear process, or you could write a method for each operation (+, -, *, /, etc) and then build another method using those as sub parts.
The latter makes the math easy to transfer to another use case, the former is written so specifically that its hard to reuse.
Yes this is a dumb example, because all languages have basic math functions already built in... but I think it explains my point.

Since C1 is closed source I cant see if they've written this in a way that would make the methods for color selection work for other things. I REALLY want to hope they are smart enough to have written it that way... but I've seen some absolutely horrible code from companies i thought would have known better, so who knows. However since 90% of photo work is mathematical operations on values, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that yes... this shouldn't be too hard to implement. The question is whether the Product Management team feels this is a worthy enough inclusion to assign Developer Time to.

Too bad all of C1's software dev openings are in Europe... I think it'd be an enjoyable job.
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