Color flag return to previous value after some time

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Color flag return to previous value after some time

Postby PhilR59 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 4:15 pm


I have the following phenomenon since some days with the v11.2 on windows.

I had put a color note (flag) on several images, since I am reworking some of them I have to change the color note (Flag), . First sometimes the color is changed but back to the previous value quite immediately, sometimes it revers to previous value after a while. That extremely annoying as I cannot track anymore the files which have been updated (and need to change status via the color note).

No change into the configuration of C1 v11.2, the only thing is the update from windows at one point, but I never suffer from such behavior with previous windows 10 update.

Any idea here will be greatly appreciated ...
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