Updating Capture One Software for Windows

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Updating Capture One Software for Windows

Postby Artful Toad » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:53 am

I'm new to Capture One (CO hereafter), having come from Lightroom (LR). I installed vrsn 11.x (don't know the 'x'; for the question I have, the sub-version is irrelevant as so far I have not put anything into CO. Right now, I'm just figuring out how to update it IN THE FUTURE. For now, I could do a complete de-install/fresh install).
When LR has updates, I just click on the update link and away it goes, no worries.
With CO, I saw a warning to do a complete de-install, then a complete fresh install. The warning said that to do an update (and there was no instruction on HOW to do an update) might result in errors.
So the choice is to figure out (for yourself) how to do an update, OR delete all the data mentioned next: wouldn't a complete de-install/fresh install completely wipe out any personal databases, sessions, customizations of interface, styles, scripts added by me, presets i may have added, or anything else I've done???
And --most interesting-- I can't find a single 'help' article relating to this, only KB1134, which only gives a procedure to completely deinstall, and it merely says to delete this, delete that, etc, and go on your merry way and not worry about any of those things I mentioned above.
Even 'googling' this topic yields nothing. What do you members do to receive updates???
Artful Toad
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Re: Updating Capture One Software for Windows

Postby NNN636735230673236717 » Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:48 am

NNN636733139000703437 wrote:...What do you members do to receive updates???...

I think you want to go to: Edit->Preferences, select 'Update' tab and click 'Check for Updates'...
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Re: Updating Capture One Software for Windows

Postby SFA » Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:55 am

Just download and run the install.

Using Windows CO will suggest an install directory - usually named for the version being installed.

On update, if the version already exists, in effect an update will be performed.

Personally I tend to put new dot releases in their own folders. It makes it easier to compare functionality when required and, should one not like some aspect of a change for some reason, it is very easy to step back to the previous version.

All personal settings should be carried forward when possible (occasionally some changes have no previous definition that can be carried forward) and past settings are retained.

I have never, so far as I can recall, completely cleaned a system of a CO installation for any reason other then tidying up completely obsolete old versions. No doubt there can be situations where a total system restore is the quickest way to fix a challenging problem - corporate IT departments do it all the time - but it seems a bit extreme to me. Very popular for Mac users though, for some reason.

In general the personal data files will not be deleted by an un-install BUT if following instructions for a MANUAL hands on removal you should take the time to understand what will likely happen and whether somehow some of your data has ended up at risk.

Always take at least one copy of the data files and the personal setting files as a safety precaution.

For Windows the user definable system settings will be found at somewhere like:

C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\CaptureOne

(Windows 7 example)


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Re: Updating Capture One Software for Windows

Postby Artful Toad » Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:46 pm

Thanks, Grant. Some follow-up. "On update, if the version already exists, in effect an update will be performed."
Question: Will all personal data (session, catalog, scripts, interface preference, preferences, any other customizations that a user may do: be preserved by the CO update? Or does a user have to manually save all personal stuff (assuming he/she knows where all those exist in the labrynthine (sp) CO folder structure? As I previously noted, the recommendation I saw when I checked on updates was to NOT do an update or errors might occur, but preferably do a complete de-install/re-install, which caused me to immediately to consider all the personal data (etc) a user might already have associated in the CO product (db, session, presets, preferences, scripts, and more): on de-install, are they all deleted??? I assume so. And there was no document on the 'help' area (that I could find) do deal with this most important isssue.
SO--for your response, I wondered if, once you installed into a new folder structure, I assume you did NOT have any of that personal data, but had to copy it all for your previous version's various folders/subfolders (assuming you knew where they were. I didn't see any document, either, to show where all potential user data is stored. This is my main issue. When I opened a couple 'cases' with CO, I got no satisfactory response at all. This seems odd. Further thoughts?
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Re: Updating Capture One Software for Windows

Postby Ian3 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:15 am

I'm on a Mac, but whenever I have installed an update, I just download the install file, install it, start up Capture One and carry on where I had left off before the update. It has never not worked, and I have been using Capture One since version 4.1 (on Windows then and on a Mac since about version 5 or 6).

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Re: Updating Capture One Software for Windows

Postby SFA » Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:46 am

Artful Toad,

Basically the way C1 (and, I think, most recent programs) work is to use the location I mentioned previously for all user variables and keeps its application provided data internally within its installation files.

If specifications change you can see, in the appdata folders, where new revisions of personal definitions have been created to suit the revised code or data structure or whatever.

Internally C1 tends to keep earlier versions of its conversion and processing 'engines' so that older edits can still be worked on as they were even after an upgrade. (For a number of years but at some point it will become pointless to keep really old edit engines (for lack of use) and so the images can be upgraded to the latest engine.

When you use catalogues the edit information will be held in the catalogue file. As will thumbnails and previews although those can be regenerated on demand and will be regenerated when required if, for example, you update the processing engine for an image.

When you use sessions (assuming using a Pro version or DB) the edit data and the thumbnails and previews, sit in a Capture One subfolder and are treat as Data and therefore not deleted as part of an uninstall.

If you really need to uninstall C1 completely at some point, removing all traces then you would need to follow a special procedure to clean the system.

Bear in mind that is possible to have multiple versions of C1 installed at the same time. They will share the same image files (but will likely have their own Edit files in separate folders), and refer to earlier versions, allowing you to upgrade to the latest engine if you choose to do so, if you decide to re-edit the image.

The Appdata directory records are dealt with in the same way.

In general and by today's storage standards, the files involved are not large and the overhead for keeping them is very small so there would be little to be gained by even considering some form of 'tidy up' of user data as part of an uninstall process.

In my experiences, as already mentioned by Ian3, there is nothing to be concerned about when upgrading or installing new versions. Only if you install on a new machine or if you run more than one system might you need to have a strategy for keeping your user defined options, in the Appdata folder area provided by Windows in the case of Windows products, common across both (or all) systems.

Basically that means copying from one to the other as required or using the export/import options where provided. I would guess a studio with a lot of machines might set up something automated for that but then again these are often very personal things and sharing may not be a natural activity in some cases.

Either way I don't think it is anything to be concerned about.

Now, back in the early days of Windows things were perhaps a little different ...

I hope this helps.

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