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Stupid question? Folder-based editing

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:14 am
by Pedro Dias
Hey guys.

So I'm the proud owner of Capture One Pro for Sony cameras, recently bought, and never used Capture One before. I've installed the software both on my main desktop computer as well as my laptop for travel.

On my desktop, Capture One behaves as I want it to, by giving me a folder list where I store all my Images. Whenever I add images to a subfolder structure, Capture One is able to see the folder, and show the images within in it's browser window.

On my laptop, for some odd reason, it's not the same. There, I have to first ADD a folder, and then "synchronize" it to see the newly added pictures.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do on my laptop in order to be able to work with folders? I basically do NOT want a Capture One database/catalog that imports images, but instead, I want to edit the images in the folders that I point to.

Thanks in advance !

Re: Stupid question? Folder-based editing

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:57 am
by SFA
For the user interface within Capture One Pro you have a choice between using the Catalogue approach or the Session approach.

You need the Session approach. That means you need to be sure that you have actived the Pro option not the free Express option.

You have to have at least one Session though you may then ignore all that a Session can do for you if you wish.

The session concept is especially useful for Studio sessions and tethered activities but has a much wider application than just those.

In a session you have the option to import images and have a lot edit and administration activity performed for you during that process. However you are not forced to import anything if you do not wish to.

So you can simply open the "Library" tool, go to the "System Folders" sub section and navigate to any folder in your system and have Capture One find any images it can work with as set by your configuration - so for RAW files in your case with the SONY related licence that means Sony RAW files only other than Phase digital back files which are always included.

Having accessed a folder once Capture One will add subfolders to append the edit information and stored thumbnails and Preview files for images that it discovers. If you wish to refer back to the folder again at some point it would be a good idea to add the folder to the "Favourites" list in the general session you are going to use. It makes it a little quicker, possibly, to return to previous work.

If you wish to move work between your laptop and desktop sessions are a great option BUT I would suggest they are much easier to work with in that respect when they are used with Import functions deployed as intended so that the entire contents of a session can be certain to be copied and retained as a whole in a single activity.

There are some videos in the Resource Hub contents (See the drop down menu in C1 for a link) that cover the differences between a catalogue and a session and discuss best practise for both.

Having come to Capture One from a system that worked exactly as you described I started out using Capture One that way for some months before I realised that for my needs taking a little time to understand what the Session system could do for me was a big step forward in my overall workflow and very well worth the short time I used understanding how it worked and how it fitted into what I wanted to achieve.

I still run some "open" sessions without using imports for mostly random activities - studying sample raw files, some testing work or even random shots for certain types of subject where the subject matter is grouped into a single session but mostly consists of occasional unplanned random shots where there is little point in formalising the set at the time. If I wish to formalise an image or group of images into a full function setting I can take a few moments to do so later and do it in a number of ways while retaining any edit work I have previously undertaken.

However until that point so long as one is running a Pro version of C1, navigating to a folder and commencing an edit action on a discovered image will work fine. It just doesn't help you find it again readily should you wish to unless you add the folder in which the images is located as a session "favourite" and is not intended to.



Re: Stupid question? Folder-based editing

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:06 pm
by Pedro Dias
Thank you Grant! That did a good job of explaining things to me - session it is!! :)
I have no belief in custom databases for finding images. I use IPTC to store all relevant keywords and an external app (FotoStation or Photo MEchanic) to find them blazingly fast.