The UI fixes I'm waiting for since years (2018 ?)

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Re: The UI fixes I'm waiting for since years (2018 ?)

Postby WPNL » Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:28 pm

I see more people switching from two 'small' displays to on big 4k(+) screen than the other way around.

I agree, multi-monitor support could be better. But I like the customizing options as they at the moment quite enough.
And since I switched to one large display I stopped caring.
With Adobe apps I thought it would be a step back with the loss of the panels on the second screen, but it's no problem at all.
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Re: The UI fixes I'm waiting for since years (2018 ?)

Postby ChrisGillard » Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:19 pm

Especially the non-sticky print settings. Very irritating..... ditto

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Re: The UI fixes I'm waiting for since years (2018 ?)

Postby MikeArst » Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:18 am

Samoreen wrote:C1 would be a top notch application if the UI had been better designed. I'm very surprised by the number of people singing songs of praise about the C1 UI. The design is just plain wrong (talking here as a former developer and software development consultant).

I can't exactly sing its praises. The best I can do is learn it. For a long time I found the UI too frustrating to bother with. In time I couldn't stand using Lightroom any longer (not with Fujifilm "x-trans" files). DxO having drawn a line in the sand about never supporting Fuji's raw files, I decided I must learn Capture One. But if it hadn't been for David Grover's excellent webinars I would never have been willing to keep at it. (I hope they pay that guy well. He deserves it.)

Some features are mysterious. Capture One has a good output recipe system (albeit kind of confusing at first). So many possible recipes, each with its own settings — yet there's at least one that persists in all. For example, if you add custom text in an output naming pattern, that same text is immediately applied to every other recipe.

Baffling. Why would anyone find this not-changeable "sticky" behavior useful? Why provide recipes with unique settings and yet force the output file name's pattern to be the same in all?

I went around and around with Tech Support about it. They told me the dev team says: It's just how it goes. We're not changing it. I even threw myself on Tech Support's mercy and asked: "Can you at least understand why an end-user would not want to be stuck with this kind of program behavior for all process recipes?" The tech I was corresponding with acknowledged — a bit grudgingly, it seemed to me — that yes, he could sort of understand why a person wouldn't like that...but the dev team has said No to changing it (etc. etc. etc.).

What am I missing here? If I want the string “_test” in the output filename for only one recipe, is there some reason I should want it to appear in all of them? Should I be putting on the hair shirt and abasing myself? “Ignorant peasant! Of course it's what Saint Ansel would have wanted!” For now I'm stuck with it. So I rolled my own script providing batch-renaming at the command line that's way better than the standard crude cmd.exe "ren" command. Not ideal, but it works.
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