Metadata changing/vanishing when moving folders

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Metadata changing/vanishing when moving folders

Postby rstebler » Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:33 pm

We've been having a constantly recurring issue over the last 2 years with regards to metadata, ratings and color labels changing based folder locations.

There seems to be some sort of trigger that locks a folder of images into this state where in one location all of the metadata is good but when the folder containing the images along with the capture one folder gets moved the metadata will change...fields will go blank, a rating will change to a previous state, color label change to an old color label, etc. If I move the folder back to where it was then everything is good again but only if the folder stays in that location. Sometimes quitting and reopening Capture One will work to get it to show the more updated metadata but not always.

This is all reproducible across dozens of iMac Pros and MacBook Pros on local folders as well as folders located on a local server.

I don't imagine this problem getting fixed anytime soon as it's been an issue for us since at least Capture One 10 but what would help us it to better understand how Capture One is storing the metadata. We always use eip files and don't use any sidecar xmp files. We always keep the Capture one folder with associated cache and settings folder with all of the eip files. Nothing is checked in the Image metadata preferences and auto sync is set to none.

In this state, where is Capture One storing the metadata? It looks like it should be stored in the eip package and if so why is it loosing the ability to update that info properly and/or display it properly. It's like some of the data is getting stored in a Capture One local cache and not ever getting written into the eip. Why does quitting Capture One sometimes work and why can't we force it to write or refresh the metadata?

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Re: Metadata changing/vanishing when moving folders

Postby Ian3 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:01 am

Are you working in a catalog or a session. (I guess session from what you said, but I want to be sure.)

If you are in a session, then normally the edits etc are stored in a .cos file in a subfolder.

So if you have a raw fie called Image003.NEF for example in your Selects folder, the associated .cos file will be at

Selects>Capture One>Settings110>Image003.cos.

If you choose to package the image as an .eip package, Capture One packages all that stuff up in the .eip package, and it removes the .cos file from the Settings110 subfolder. If you unpack an .eip package, the .cos file reappears in the Settings110 subfolder.

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