Bug importing Aperture referenced catalog

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Bug importing Aperture referenced catalog

Postby HugoinParis » Thu May 09, 2019 7:01 pm

I'm testing migration from Aperture One.

I've an Aperture managed library (30 000 pics), on a external Hard drive, trying to evolve towards a referenced one.
So I'm doing some tests.

1) I've extracted a selection of 500 pics to a separate library. Called "5 stars". Managed.
The library works OK in Aperture

2) I've imported the Aperture library in a C1 catalog (internal ssd).
Works OK. (except for the alert sign besides the 5stars.aplibrary name and the fact that the file structure is mirroring Aperture internal Masters hierarchy and is pretty useless, which makes it impossible to find my pics outside a collection)

3) Now I took the Aperture "5 stars" library and make it referenced. Pointing to a new file organisation Year/Project
Works OK in Aperture

4) Now I'm trying to import the referenced Aperture library in C1.
I can only get 10 % of the pix (53), with no obvious rationale, saying the others are "offline"
Seems like a bug to me. And pretty bad, because it makes importing an aperture referenced library impossible

Any idea ?
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Re: Bug importing Aperture referenced catalog

Postby NNN635125283529860829 » Sat May 18, 2019 11:21 pm

I'm having a related problem. I have a large Aperture library with 3 main folders. It is reference not managed. I chose to use a referenced system just in case I needed access to the images. And now the Aperture is finished I do. I have exported each folder as a "library" in Aperture. I chose to import these libraries into separate new Capture One 12 catalogs.

It seems to work. All the images appear to be in each catalog. The User Collections section looks correct with the same structure that was originally in Aperture. But the Folders section is nothing near correct.It shows 2 instances of my hard drive. One with a file path that leads to the single Aperture library I used for import. That drive has a green indicator showing it is online. The second one points to the drive and structure where all the referenced files exist. But there only about 100 image files indicated. This version of the drive indicates it is not online with orange.

I have tried this process several times changing various things to no avail. I checked in the Capture One catalog files in the Finder by showing the package contents. There are no Master files there so it must be a referenced Capture One catalog.

I can't find information anywhere that lays out the difference between importing Managed & Referenced Aperture libraries. It doesn't even say anywhere that a managed import will end up with a managed catalog & vice versa...
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Re: Bug importing Aperture referenced catalog

Postby NNN636579228497173990 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:27 pm


old thread, but maybe helpful: I have the same problems importing referenced masters from aperture. path to local folders is doubled, on green, one red. and furthermore, c1 kills itself each time I click on the "offline" one (which, of course, isnt offline, its the same folder).

have you guys found any solution / workaround?
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