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Support for older .NEF files?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 5:42 am
by NNN637004109318599665
Hello all, I hope someone can answer this for me. I have a Nikon Coolscan V ED scanner which has the ability to scan and output in the .NEF file format. This is an older scanner and thus these .NEF files will also be using older codecs. My CaptureOne Pro 10x does not display these.
Is there anything I can do to remedy this? I would like to edit my scans in C1, where I have way more control over various aspects of the file and it's final output. I would assume that with each new version of C1, it will support previous versions of various manufacturer's RAW codecs.

Thank you for any help with this.

Re: Support for older .NEF files?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:50 am
by Ulf
You should keep in mind that files like this is not RAW files.
They are TIF files in a NEF container. As such it makes no sense to scan to NEF format and instead, simply scan to TIF.