Next Capture Naming Field Constantly Selected

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Next Capture Naming Field Constantly Selected

Postby Nick_L » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:45 am

Hi there,

For some reason under 10.2.1 the "Next Capture Naming" input field is constantly selected when changing from one tool tab to the next. eg: I create a folder and set it as the capture folder, I change to the camera tab and start shooting. I tap the "f" key to select the "pick focus point" tool....nothing appears to happen and the cursor stays as the hand tool. I click "F" a few more times... I then notice that the name in the "Next Capture Naming" field has been replaced by... "FFFFFF" because all my F keyboard taps have gone into that field as it somehow selected itself for no reason.

I have talked to multiple other digitechs here in LA and they all are experiencing the same issue on 10.2.1. It's beyond annoying. My work around for now is I have to hit the "tab" key every time I return to the camera tool menu to move it off that input field. It just slows everything down, especially on a fast moving high pressure set.

Three days ago I did a complete clean install of my laptop and installed Sierra (as high sierra is still a bit of a mess). I then installed C1 10.2.1 expecting the bug to be fixed. Nope. Still there.

Any ideas?

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Re: Next Capture Naming Field Constantly Selected

Postby cdc » Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:25 pm

I can't say I've experienced this in 10.2.1 except for when I'm using the Name field of the next capture naming tool and don't hit enter afterwards to click out of it.

How are you using the next capture naming tool?

You might try installing an older version of CO 10 if you have the install files and see if that fixes the bug?
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