Moving files to new hard-drive problem

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Moving files to new hard-drive problem

Postby NN635491103369421554UL » Wed May 23, 2018 6:07 pm

I have set-up a new external hard-drive to move all of my photos because the old hard-drive is running out of space. I used Capture One Pro 10.2 (and not the Mac Finder) to move the specific folder to the new drive. The files were copied and are in their new place, but the folder has not been added within Capture One Pro. Also, the files are still on the old hard-drive (if I recall correctly, I had done this before and the files were moved (and not just copied) to the new location and not be accessible in the old place anymore).
If I use "Add folder" and then "Synchronize" on the new hard-drive, I can get the photos imported into the catalog, but I have lost all of my RAW developments etc.
Any ideas of why the folder has not been added?
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Re: Moving files to new hard-drive problem

Postby ben_US » Thu May 24, 2018 2:54 pm

For anyone referencing this issue later, we're looking strictly at a catalog workflow.
When moving the files in Finder, Capture One isn't made aware of their new, updated paths and thus the catalog can't keep them linked up. You end up with images in Capture One marked 'offline'. Rather than re-import them, all you need to do is 'remap' the path to the images, using File > Locate.
This Knowledgebase article goes in-depth on how to bring them back online. You should follow the steps to Locate the parent folder to their new parent folder:
Please make a support case for Technical Support with Capture One software: and click on Contact Support, then select Technical Support.
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