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Weird colours after copying style on PSD

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:18 pm
by NN245907UL
While tethering during my shoot, I edited the colours slightly and added a vignette to my images so my client could see images that were closer to the finished image during the shoot.

When I wanted to edit the image, I wanted to edit it with the clean original base so I removed all edits and used "right-click edit with.." to edit in photoshop.

However when I finished editing, I added the previous style onto the psd file in Capture One but the colours ended up looking very wonky and unlike the colours when the style was just added on the raw file.

I did no colour changes in Photoshop.

Could someone help me fix this? I would rather add the style after editing as it'll make changing the vignette easier if the client wants to change the crop.

Let me know
Thank you

See image here: ... e=5B61A4D6