moved photos, now lost all editing

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moved photos, now lost all editing

Postby copperstone38 » Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:18 pm

I"m an X Aperture user so am still trying to figure out how Capture one 10 works... bit of an adjustment! The whole catalogue system is a bit of a mystery but what I have is:

I have everything in one catalogue but somehow had one trip in the "folders" section (below user collections) I wanted them to be in the user collections so copied them into the User collection. I then deleted the trip folder.

Well, now i know that the user collection was only referencing that folder! NO sync; no edited pictures in my user collection. I found the old folder with all the images and imported them back into the catalogue in the User collection area.

Now I've lost all my editing of these. I dont know if trying to use the 'backup" would work; cant even find out how to do that!

Any help is much appreciated or I"ll be editing 1000 pictures again. Oh Apple, why did you stop developing Aperture!!!
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