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combing two versions of the same session into one

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:33 pm
by NNN634579324681874960
Somehow I managed to create two copies of the same session and I've got adjustments on both versions that I need to combine into one session. To elaborate:

By accident, I have one copy of the session and image files on my desktop (Mac Pro) and another on my laptop (MacBook Pro). Somehow I managed to do critical ratings and adjustments on both copies of the session, both sets of rating different and with different adjustments for different clients of this job. So I need to either combine the two sessions, or create a new session, with the ratings and adjustments from both.

Version 9.3

Help appreciated. Thanks!

Re: combing two versions of the same session into one

PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:01 pm
by Ian3
How about:

(1) Rename on of sessions (say, the laptop one) so that you have sessions called something like



Photoshoot-LT.cosessiondb (LT = laptop)

(Rename both the folder and the session file.)

(2) Copy the LT folder with all the contents to the Desktop.

(3) Open the desktop session, and navigate to the LT folders in the System Folders section of the library tool. Add each of the folders of the LT session as Session favourites for the desktop session.

(4) You can then compare the images from the two sessions. Where you prefer the ratings, adjustments etc in the DT version, leave them untouched. Where you prefer the ratings etc in the LT version, delete the DT version of that image (it will not be irretrievably lost as it will go to the trash folder) and move the preferred version to the Selects folder of the DT session. Cmd-J on a Mac. Presumably Ctrl-J on Windows?

Does that help? (I assume that there is not real way of proceeding without comparing image by image.)

Alternatively, I suppose, you could do a bulk rename of all the images in the LT session - maybe rename them from say ABC1234.NEF to ABC1234-LT.NEF. Then import them (remembering to check the box to include existing adjustments) into the DT session. If you have renamed them appropriately, the DT and the LT versions of each image should appear side by side so for example ABC1234.NEF will sit next to ABC1234-LT.NEF. Then just go through them all sending one to the trash and retaining the other.


Re: combing two versions of the same session into one

PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:32 pm
by NNN634579324681874960
Thanks Ian!

I had a deadline, so had to do an eyeball compare adjustment on the files I needed immediately (we all have our personal ways of adjusting images, so wasn't too bad). But I'll give your suggestion a go later.