Problems with Jhove validating Capture One 9-created tiff

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Problems with Jhove validating Capture One 9-created tiff

Postby NN634885170720638787UL » Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:24 pm

Hi everyone, I'm digitising historic music manuscripts for the Alamire Foundation at Leuven University, using a Phase One XF and Capture One 9. The images are being uploaded to the university server by IT specialists using a validation tool called Jhove. They have successfully uploaded many manuscripts, thousands of my images, all taken with the same equipment, same software, same techniques used for both capture and processing to tiff, but one entire session - 600 images - is proving impossible to ingest because JHove assigns a false number to the exposure programme recorded in the metadata. The images were captured in manual exposure mode, which should be assigned the value 1 by Jhove, but Jhove is assigning the value 10 to all images in this session, and there is no exposure programme corresponding to this number. I've tried reprocessing the images, checking all embedded metadata, etc, but still have the same problem. Has anyone met this problem? Does anyone have a solution? The IT colleagues think it might be a bug in Capture One, but if so it's one I haven't met before. Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.
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Lynda Sayce
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