ISSUE: Pics overexposed only on Capture

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ISSUE: Pics overexposed only on Capture

Postby NN635914820358442685UL » Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:45 pm

I've noticed this issue:
When I shoot a photo with about 70% of white in the frame (for example in still life photo with white background or in a light box) and when I open it in Capture, it seems to be overexposed of about 2 stops.

I don't see the same problem with ordinary photo neither with white background photo with a big subject. It happens only with small subject, when the white is the uppermost color.

On the camera screen the photo is correctly exposed and I have no adjustments for the preview.
When I open the same photo in Camera Raw or in Preview the exposure is correct, the problem is just in Capture.

It seems to go better If I choose "Linear Response" in the Curve (Base Characteristics) on Capture, while I use to work with hight contrast but the issue appears as the software loads the raw preview, before I choose any adjustment value.

I've a Canon 5D mk II and on camera, as I said, the photos are exposed correctly.
SV: Capture One Pro 9.1

Why does it happen? Anybody knows?

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