Preserving Manual sort order on importing

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Preserving Manual sort order on importing

Postby NN635680879799322049UL » Sat Jan 21, 2017 3:53 am

Is it possible to preserve manual sort order when importing a Catalog or moving images?

1 Why, if you import a Catalog into an entirely blank Catalog, or into an existing Catalog, does Capture One import images that were manually sorted in name order. If you select Manual sort after import, the images are shuffled. Sort order data are recorded somewhere and should be transferrable during an import.

The practical problem is that manually sorting images on your laptop in the field into some kind of logical order is futile if want to import them into your master catalog and preserve the sort order. Is there any way to preserve the sort order? Support says no. Aperture also had this problem.

2. How does Capture One select the order of images moved from one album to another when the destination is manually sorted? It It would be a lot to expect Capture One to preserve the sort order of the moved images, but is there any way to at least keep the moved images in name order. As it is, they appear in a shuffled order.
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