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Data management

Postby NNN636202754623239115 » Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:48 pm

I have Sony Raw files and run at the moment Capture One Express version 9.
I would like to work on my raw files at two different computers - my home PC and
from time to time on my notebook, both under Windows. Therefore I will need to install two instances of Capture One,
one at every computer. How can I ensure that I can recognize any work steps that I have done with one computer
at the other computer? Which picture database settings should be used to ensure that?
If necessary I would upgrade to Capture One Pro for Sony.

Furthermore, from time to time I will have to move the pictures/picture database from one physical drive to another.
How can I tell the Captue one instances that a catalogue(raw files, output files, changes on raw files) have moverd to another physical drive or folder?

Should I generally use sessions or catalogues in my case, and with which settings?
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