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post production hardware for IQ4 XF

PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2020 8:42 am
by NN109526UL2
I have been using the IQ180 and Win 7 / C1 DB 7.2.4 since it came out. I am now ready to move on to IQ4 150 XF, Win 10 and the current version of C1. I have always built my own PC Desktops. So too, with Win 10. I currently use 2 View Sonic wide screen monitors (for tools, etc) and a third Eizo monitor (for colors). I use 1 onboard SSD (for software only). I process from and into all external SSD's. What is the current show-stopper for the Mother Board/chip set that will get me into the next 5 years? Cost not an issue. I build to last. No gaming, just C1 processing. Best ever Graphics card? Make and max volume of memory? Power? Cooling?

Also, does Win 10 "suck" like so many have said? Not a fan of subscriptions and the cloud. How do I use Win 10 / C1 if I am on location, with NO internet access?