Quick question to XF users RE:AutoFocus Issues & Reliability

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Quick question to XF users RE:AutoFocus Issues & Reliability

Postby snapper » Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:54 am

HI all,

My names Nathan, I'm new to these forums having just arranged the procurement of an XF / Credo Leaf system, due to arrive with me in a couple weeks time. However, I have a couple concerns just brought to my attention today by a friend who sent me a link to a comparison review between the PO XF and the Hassie H5D.

This is the link in question: http://blog.michaelclarkphoto.com/?p=4757

The guy didnt seem overly impressed with the XF, which isnt my concern, but the AutoFocus issues he encountered and body/camera locking up reliability overall which he encountered when using the XF is my concern. Has anyone else experienced either or both of these issues? Is so, is it as frequent or drastic an issue as I am winding myself up about?
I know Phase One are constantly working on, developing and releasing firmware updates for the XF, so these issues I am mentioning may now have been resolved, but I had to ask those experienced and in the know about the XF nonetheless to settle my mind. If there are more 'unofficial / unconventional' workarounds to the AF issues and camera locking up which XF users have come across, please do advise me of these.

I am a professional, but can not afford the luxury of having two XF bodies, or systems, so am wholly reliant on the one for my digital work.

Look forward to hearing your valuable feedback.

Thank you

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Re: Quick question to XF users RE:AutoFocus Issues & Reliabi

Postby Ingo-A » Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:17 pm

I got only 7 images out 200 in focus

I did not have time to test this out

What kind of test is it, if the tester has no time to test?
Unfortunately he does not explain, what and how he tested and why he gets so poor results.

Most of the time, I shoot headshots. With f/11 it's easy to get sharp images. With f/4.0 or faster I have to be more concentrated an sometimes I get sharp noses or ears :). But most of the time the results are perfect.
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Re: Quick question to XF users RE:AutoFocus Issues & Reliabi

Postby NN142196UL1 » Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:40 pm

Hi Nathan,

In my experience the auto-focus and reliability was sub-par in the early days of the XF camera (when the test you refer to was done). Fortunately the autofocus and reliability has drastically improved with the latest firmware upgrades and it now works really well. Unfortunately Phase didn't put in more than one focus point in the camerabody, so when shooting, for example portraits, you have to reframe after focusing, thereby tilting the focusplane slightly. That makes it easy to miss perfect focus when shooting wide open.

Hasselblad also has only one focus point, but solves this issue by using some kind of gyroscope (I think) that adjusts the focus according to the camera movements after you've locked focus (it's called "Truefocus").

When that's said, the XF has similar hardware inside that is not yet being used in this manner, but the great thing about the XF is that it continually evolves, so this feature might come (hopefully)...

I'm an XF owner myself and I'm very happy with it, especially the fact that it evolves and new features and improvements are added on a regular basis. Even if you should find that the Hassy has better focusing at this point, the XF will probably pass it further down the road (not to mention all the other features Phase adds), while the Hassy likely won't improve that much.

A back to back test in your own hands would, of course, give you the best answer.

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Re: Quick question to XF users RE:AutoFocus Issues & Reliabi

Postby FPL » Fri Aug 12, 2016 7:53 pm

When my XF arrived (October last year) I was upset with reliability issues. Many locks (solvable by battery out - battery in), syncs problems with Prophoto B2 Kit (from set of ten pictures, sometimes twice or three time flash didn't fire) and endless problems with WiFi connection between back (IQ260) and Capture Pilot on iPad.
I returned back to DF+ and Nikons for few months.
Now (after few firmware updates) it's working much better. I'm not sure about AF improvements, but focus confirmation (I'm using some non Mamiya manual lenses) precision is also improved.
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