how to Wishlist of Plugins. ?

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how to Wishlist of Plugins. ?

Postby NN636840681730681921UL » Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:12 am

1. Channel Mixer plugin.
I have for many years asked PhaseOne to provide functionality similar to the Adobe Photoshop Channel Mixer within Capture One. This would then enable users to process RAW images from camera adapted to detecting ultraviolet (U.V.) and infrared (I.R.) images. According to my feedback this request is too niche so has not been progressed.

I am not a programmer but I do have a copy of C++ code that was used to produce a Bibble/Aftershot Pro Channel Mixer plugin.
I would imagine that since the code is manipulating the RAW image RGB channel data that it should be possible to reuse this code, but it will need reworking, for images processed in COP. Due to some RAW images e.g. Fuji X cameras being non standard that the image must be demosaiced prior to being used by this Channel Mixer code in theimage processing pipeline.

2. Matting and Framing plugin.
I would like a plugin that essentially expands the image area in a separate new layer and allows me to fill that new area with colour. This is similar to mounting a print on a matte.
If it was possible add one layer then this could be extended to provide a bevel effect and also different coloured layers placed below in the image stack.

Is anyone interested in either of these projects?
If yes then please contact me by email to discuss further.

What can I offer?
Well I have lots of time and some knowledge so I can test the compiled plugin. If I have the source code then I can build a Windows and/or Mac VisualC/XCode compile environments also I can examine and maybe debug code but I understand some people would prefer to not expose their source code.
Of course all ownership of code resides with the programmer unless I pay for the code.

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