See the adjustments in real time to selected pictures

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Re: See the adjustments in real time to selected pictures

Postby SFA » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:23 am

cdc wrote:Oh I see.

For what its worth when I use keyboard short cuts and just hold down the keys its not all that different than sliding the sliders as far as speed and gradual changes on the screen goes, and all of the selected images in the viewer change in real time though the images in the browser are a second or two delayed. Seems like a decent alternative to achieve what the OP was speaking to, no?

It depends what one is trying achieve. And how many tools/adjustment sliders one is going to have to work with to get the effect. Is it more useful to be able to adjust multiple images at the same time and see the effect on all of them than to set one up and copy and paste to the rest in a batch?

If I had, say, 50 images selected can I really make use of the all of them being adjusted at the same time, make an assessment about whether they are all OK (what if they are not?) and then decide whether to proceed or revert?

Make that 100 images. Or a thousand images. Does it really make sense? Whether or not it is possible in some way does not necessarily mean that it is a good idea or even vaguely efficient.

Just my observation of course.

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