Photographic museum catalogation and indexation help...

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Photographic museum catalogation and indexation help...

Postby NNN636736864761744081 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:29 pm

Hi all, hope this question will be posted in the right board.

Recently I've joined to the tasks of create, digitalize, indexation and management of an extensive photographic/camera archive of a Barcelona’s well known photographic non-profit organisation ( The archives includes about 2000 cameras from the late IXX century to mid XX’s, thousands of private collection photos and more than 30.000 photographic plates.

They have already started to photograph old cameras, adding the specifications of them with CaptureOne 11, adding information like manufacturing year, type, name of donor, optic, etc in not specific metadata fields. The problem is, they haven’t setup a proper database to use in the future, they only have created an Excel sheet with the information about each photo… so no way to bind external information to each individual picture with their own metadata, for future uses in website.

Then… the questions are (for this camera archive and the now planning photographic archive)

1- Is there a “easy” way to export all the cameras metadata in a compact database way… I mean, get a text file (maybe XML) with all the cameras added. Modify and perform changes in fields would be easier with database tools like access.
2- Is there a way to create custom metadata fields, like “year of manufacture”, “state of conservation” etc…
3- How should we plan the digitalisation workflow for the next big photographic archive project (first build database?)

As non-profit association, their founds are limited, so by now no way to delegate such tasks to a private company. Also, I suppose it is a complex and specific question, so external links to start with would be also helpful 😊

Thankyou in advance
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Re: Photographic museum catalogation and indexation help...

Postby BeO » Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:49 am

They should aim at a long- term viable solution even beyond the predicted product life time of any photo catalog software like Capture One, so a rather conventional relational database solution would a good choice imo.

The organization should think about connecting to one of the universities, department computer science, and try to establish a diploma thesis for that project.
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Re: Photographic museum catalogation and indexation help...

Postby yaya » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:32 am

Hi Edu,

You have some good points there and I would suggest that you send them in as feature requests via our Support page.

I can also recommend joining groups such as where people working in museums, archives and libraries often raise & share similar subjects and ideas. As mentioned some institutes use custom solutions for asset management and metadata handling. We work closely with some of them and are constantly looking for ways to improve and further develop Capture One's workflow.

Hope this help

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Re: Photographic museum catalogation and indexation help...

Postby NNN636724707006967929 » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:43 pm


I'm also interested in a metadata export function.
My intention is to get a LibreOffice / Excel-Table, containing some selected IPTC- and EXIF-fields of all images of a catalog.

I've just hacked the *.cotatalog file and found that it's easily possible to generate a csv file of all(?) image metadata inside CaptureOne *.cocatalog file. But that's not an option for normal users, neither for my every-day-use.
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Re: Photographic museum catalogation and indexation help...

Postby OddS » Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:56 am

NNN636736864761744081 wrote:...Recently I've joined to the tasks of create, digitalize, indexation and management of an extensive photographic/camera archive

To me, you describe a situation and a system that is beyond what I would choose to use an out of the box Capture One catalog for (sorry Yair). I would take the advice from BeO if I were you.

Edit: My apologies to BeO for mistyping the user name in my comment. Corrected and hopefully ok now.
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