Output images of same dimensions are all different sizes.

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Output images of same dimensions are all different sizes.

Postby Swift98 » Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:59 pm

Hi, I am having trouble getting consistent results for jpeg output on Capture One 20 for PC. When I am processing a batch of images of the same dimensions the output images are all very different in size according to the megabyte size. For example when I process all the images to be 2650 pxls long some of the images are over 600 mb and some of them are under 200 mb. These are all images without any meta data added. Why would images of the same size all come out with different sizes when processed? I tried Capture One nine also and had the same issue so it is not just a Capture One 20 issue.

Anyone think they know why why am I having this problem?

Many thanks,
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Re: Output images of same dimensions are all different sizes

Postby BeO » Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:52 pm

Hi Malcom,

I assume you mean kilobyte, not megabyte, right? If it is megabyte jpgs it indeed would be a problem.

If it is kilobyte, why do you consider this as an issue. Rest assured, it is not.

Jpg is a compressed file format to reduce file size e.g. for old, slow internet connections, and depending on the image content the compression rate should be different. The more details you have in an image, the less you can compress

You should be able to test this if you like by capturing a plain image with not much different content, ideally only one color and no details, I would assume such an image can be compressed much more than an image with many colors, tones and details.

C1 is working fine, and you should not have any problem using the jpgs for whatever your intention is, if jpg is the appropriate file format for your intention.

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