Adding and removing places in the filters tool

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Adding and removing places in the filters tool

Postby Ian3 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:05 pm

I usually use sessions. Now I am considering cataloging with Capture One rather than with Media Pro. I'm trying to work out the Places feature in the Filters tool. If I Click the + to add a new Place I get the chance to add a new Place and it tells me the format is Country>State>City>Location. So I can add a country such as France. If I want to show some of the France pictures as being in Nice and some as being in Paris (the only two cities I have been to in France!) how do I add Nice and Paris without adding a state? Not all countries are organised on Country>State>City>Location principles. I'd like to have things like France>Paris>Notre Dame. (I don't mind if there is a blank State field in the middle). But I can't see how to do it!


Edited to add: OK - I find I can enter France>>Paris>Notre Dame and it leaves the State field blank. But I first made a mistake and entered France>>Notre Dame, so I have a spurious Notre Dame city and I can't see how to remove it again. Can you remove places?
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